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At 18Y, we provide the complete package when it comes to Health & Fitness. No matter what style of training you’re into, you’ll find it in our massive complex located in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

Our gym is Fully Equipped including – but not limited to – a huge Free Weight Section, countless Cardio Machines, a spacious area for Functional Training, various Fitness classes and top-quality equipment & machines. We also provide Rehabilitation Therapy including an in-house Sauna, Steam Room and Ice Baths!

For those interested in Mixed Martial Arts, under a collaboration with Fearless MMA our upper floor is purely dedicated to MMA. There you will find our floating octagon cage, as well as a large training area. We even have our own on-site barbershop called ‘The Fade Factory’ so you can leave the gym looking both pumped and fresh!

Personal Training

Whether you’re completely new to fitness or are looking to become the next Chris Bumstead or Anllela Sagra, our fantastic team of personal trainers can help you achieve your dream physique. With both male and female personal trainers available, we can help everyone with their fitness journeys. Bulk up, slim down, get strong or get shredded! We can create customised workout plans optimised to your specific goals.


We cater for many different martial art styles including Boxing, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. There are classes on each of these disciplines which take place throughout the week for both kids and adults. Visit our MMA page to learn more.


If you’re looking to build muscle whilst building up your endurance, try our circuit style classes which take place on Monday to Thursday at 6pm and Saturday at 3pm. Those of any age group and experience can take part, and you’ll often see those as old as 60 showing up the youngsters. We make sure that our classes are accessible to anyone and everyone, and always look to foster an environment of togetherness and camaraderie in each session.

Looking for the best gym near you?

You’ve found it. 18Y is the all encompassing fitness centre you’ve been looking for. We have all the facilities and classes that you could possible need, so why train anywhere else? Based in Balsall Heath, we are just a short distance from surrounding areas such as Mosely, Sparkhill, Sparkbrook, Small Heath, Kings Heath, Edgbaston, Moor Green, Tyseley, Acocks Green and Birmingham City Centre.

List Of Our Gym Equipment

We know that many fitness fanatics are very particular about the equipment a gym possesses, and so you should be! Different machines will hit the various muscle groups differently, and everyone has a unique mind-muscle connection with each machine. In addition to our extensive free weights, we have a fantastic range of weight-plate loaded and pin-loaded machines at your disposal. Explore our list of equipment below which is separated by muscle group…

  • Seated Row
  • Plated Lat Pulldown
  • Low Row
  • T-Bar Row
  • Lying Row
  • Standing Row
  • Hammer Strength Row
  • Hammer Strength Low Row
  • Hammer Strength High Row
  • Hammer Strength Plated Lat Pulldown
  • Nautilus Lat Pulldown
  • Nautilus Row
  • Life Fitness Row Machine
  • Life Fitness Lat Pulldown
  • Life Fitness Assisted Pull Up
  • Life Fitness Lower Back Extensions
  • Hammer Strength Glute Raise Station
  • Hyper Extension Machine
  • Flat Benches
  • Incline Benches
  • Decline Benches
  • Plated Fly Machines
  • Standing Chest Press
  • Hammer Strength Chest Press
  • Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press
  • Nautilus Vertical Chest Press
  • Nautilus Pull Over
  • Life Fitness Incline Chest Press
  • Life Fitness Fly Machine
  • Life Fitness Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt Fly Machine
  • Squat Racks
  • Hack Squat
  • Hammer Strength Power Racks
  • Hammer Strength V-Hack Squat
  • Hammer Strength Seated Leg Press
  • Hammer Strength Seated Calf Raises
  • Hammer Strength Horizontal Leg Press
  • Nautilus Leg Curl
  • Life Fitness Adductors
  • Life Fitness Abductors
  • Life Fitness Standing Calf Raises
  • Life Fitness Lying Hamstring Curls
  • Life Fitness Seated Leg Curls
  • Upside Down Leg Press
  • Inverted Leg Curl
  • Standing Hamstring Curls
  • Donkey Calf Raises
  • Attack Sprinter
  • Star Track Max Rack
  • Hammer Strength MTS Shoulder Press
  • Hammer Strength Shoulder Bench
  • Hammer Strength Plated Shoulder Press
  • Nautilus Overhead Press
  • Life Fitness Shoulder Raises
  • Life Fitness Overhead Press
  • Viking Press
  • Standing Shoulder Lateral Raise Machine
  • Weight-Plated Dip Machine
  • French Tricep Press
  • Hammer Strength
  • Preacher Curls
  • Hammer Strength Arm Curls
  • Nautilus Bicep Curl
  • Life Fitness Bicep Curls
  • Life Fitness Dip Machines
  • Life Fitness Tricep Extension
  • Plated Grip Squeeze
  • Forearm Roll
  • Plated Trap Lift
  • Life Fitness Cable Machine
  • Smith Machines

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Looking for the best gym near you?

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Train Safely

At 18Y, we go above and beyond when it comes to gym cleanliness and hygiene. We maintain extremely high standards with extensive, thorough and frequent cleaning as well as quality air ventilation fitted throughout the entire complex.

One of our goals is to make 18Y as inclusive as possible. The gym is a positive, motivating and safe space for everyone to train in. Our staff are as friendly and supportive as can be, and we ensure that all of our members will enter into a welcoming environment regardless of age, ability, size, ethnicity, gender or religion. There is even a multi-faith prayer room on-site for those who wish to use it.